Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting Life Back Together!

The past couple of weeks have been crazy!  My husband and I have been trying to get our bathroom painted and finished for two weeks now.  It started out with some surface mold.  We weren't sure if it was only surface mold at the time, so my husband banged a huge hole in the wall above the shower... which led to dry walling, which led to the necessity to repaint.  We didn't find any mold behind the wall, which was nice, but two weeks with out our bathroom was insane!

We do have a shower in our downstairs bathroom.  It's the smallest stand alone shower I think I've ever been in with the exception of the tiny out house turned bathroom at the cabin in Minocqua.  All you really have room to do in there is turn in a circle, and trying to bath children in it is even worse.  It's a water all over the floor catastrophe!  It may be slightly roomier than showering in a coffin.

That is what has kept me away from blogging the last couple of weeks though.  I haven't had much time with all the priming and painting and trips to the hardware store.  Along with all of that one of my sons had a birthday and I have also been sick for the last week or so with a truly painful sore throat.  It seems to be a bit better now, but I'm still a little nauseated from it.

I don't have a whole lot more to add, but thought you'd all enjoy seeing some photos of my new bathroom!

I'm still working on getting it all cleaned up.  The floors need to be cleaned well and the toilet needs work for sure.  I have to get everything back into it but it's rockin' and rollin' now!  I fully enjoyed showering upstairs for the first time in two weeks!

On a final note for this blog, I have a lot of friends and family struggling with things lately (including myself).  I just want to let everyone know to keep their heads up and to tell themselves every day that it will get better.  Tell yourselves that you are strong human beings and you deserve the best every single day!

Much love!

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Chrissy said...

The bathroom looks great! I love the mirror and the lights you guys chose.

Yes, every day is a struggle for many people lately. We will all get through it though, as long as we say "tomorrow will be a better day!"

Love you guys,