Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ode to His Shoes

Why, all his shoes, must you be in my way?
In front of the couch and the chairs,
I'd be great if I didn't trip over you today.

Why, all his shoes, must you taunt me so bad?
In the center of the living room,
Oh you make me so mad!

All his shoes, go and bug someone else please.
Instead of reproducing your pairs
In ones, twos and threes.

How do I cope with all of his shoes?
The garbage is too mean.
So I toss them in the bedroom.

All of his shoes really are few.
Far less than mine,
All around mine are not strewn.

All of his shoes, different kinds you may be
Sandals, gym shoes and boots
It doesn't matter to me.

Please, oh please, all of his shoes.
I am willing to bargain,
Let's make a truce.

Stop laying around, stubbing my toes
And you can stay here
All of his shoes, hear all of my woes.

Dear, all of his shoes, have I made myself clear?
No?  I thought not.
Oh, just give me a beer.