Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Had to Happen Eventually

Something that happened today dealt me a really good laugh.  The husband, the kids and I were getting ready to head to a couple of places to check their stash of kitchen tables.  We are trying to replace the one we have for our move.

Before we left I told the hubby that the baby needed to be changed and that I would fix a bottle for the road.  I left him to that chore and went off to do mine.  I retrieved the car seat for the little guy and my husband put his jacket on and strapped him in.  

We were taking two cars so that in case we saw something we liked, we could have enough room to transport it with out having to make the kids ride on the roof.  My husband and three of my boys rode in the pick up and the baby and I rode in my SUV.  We headed out, stopped at the Good Will store  and then headed off to HOBO, which took about 20 minutes.  

When we arrived, I unbuckled the baby to carry him in.  I noticed that his pants were soggy.  It was a little weird being that he had just been changed.  I thought maybe he was just a little sweaty and didn't think much else of it.  Besides, I hadn't brought a change of clothes, just fresh diapers.

We finish at HOBO and decide we are going to head to Big Lots.  When we go there, I again took the baby out of the car and noticed how much more soggy he was.  We go into the store where I ask my husband to hold the baby up so I can look at his diaper.  At this point I couldn't figure out why he was so wet.  I thought maybe there was a pooping issue.  

I pulled the top part of his pants down a little bit and picked up the edge of his onesie.  No diaper.  None.  Just his butt, the onesie and a pair of pants.  

I looked at my husband and said, "He does not have a diaper on".  We stared at each other in disbelieve for a good minute before we both busted out laughing.  What else can you do when you are in the middle of Big Lots and discover your sopping wet baby isn't wearing a diaper?  

My husband's reaction was to say, "I swear I put a diaper on him!".  To which I replied, "well, unless he ate it along the way, he isn't wearing one now!".  

This has never happened to us before.  In the history of our five children, not once have we ever forgotten a diaper.  I'm still in shock.  Definitely shocked.

All is okay now though.  The little guy had a head to toe bath and his clothes and car seat cover are bouncing around in the dryer.  All is now right with the world.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fried Eggs

The other morning I took my first shot at making fried eggs for breakfast.  It sounds pretty darn easy.  Melt some butter, crack the eggs in the pan and let them cook.  I thought I was being all fancy because I was following a recipe from the Food Network magazine.  Yep, a fancy egg recipe.  Shut up... there is such a thing.

I failed miserably.  I overcooked the yolks that were supposed to be all nice and runny and the bottom of the egg was burned.  I totally never thought I'd be talking about "nice and runny" eggs.  I've always hated the thoughts of any eggs that were not scrambled.  It actually made me come close to wanting to vomit.  I guess in my aging wisdom, I thought I should at least give them a try.  I would hate to meet my maker with out ever having tried a runny egg.

Anyway,  so I gave my 13 year old son the overcooked unmasterpiece (because 13 year olds will eat anything) and decided I would try again another day.

Another day came this morning.  I remembered that I wanted to keep the fire a little lower and to use a back burner.  I melted some butter and cracked two eggs into the pan.  I guess I used a tad too much butter because the pan was spitting at my like an angry camel.  The eggs overcooked again and this time my 13 year old was at school, so I couldn't feed them to him.  Down the drain they went.  I decided to try again.  Less butter this time and a bigger pan.  Still overcooked.  I think the Food Network magazine doesn't know how to fry eggs.  The recipe says you don't have to flip them, that you just cover the eggs after the outsides start to turn white.  You keep them covered for 4-6 minutes at medium high heat.  I'm sorry, (in the spirit of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding') that no work.  Two more eggs down the drain.

I decided to stop trying to be fancy and find myself a youtube video about frying an egg.  Turns out there are a lot of them.  All of them call for a little egg flipping action.  I pulled out pan #3 and decided to only try one egg this time.  I used some of my husband's spiffy Butter Buds cooking spray instead of melting butter, let it heat up for a minute and then cracked the egg.

I clenched my tush and waited as I watched the outsides slowly turn white.  When I thought the time was right, I shoved my metal spatula under the egg (which doesn't do the job the way I'd like... need to remind the husband about picking up a nice, flexible plastic one) and gave it a quick flip.  I let is set for about a minute or two and then turned the fire off.

Viola.  I got myself a successfully fried egg.

I found that I actually liked it!  Maybe I am fancy after all!