Monday, June 23, 2014

Eleven to One, My June Babies!

On June 12th, 2003, we welcomed a five and a half pound bouncing baby boy into the world.  On June 12th, 2014 we celebrated his 11th birthday.  (He really loved that balloon by the way... he wouldn't let anyone else play with it!)

It's amazing to me how fast time actually does go.  One minute, he's falling asleep on my chest... or being mesmerized by 'The Blues Brothers'... or creating words that have stuck with us to this day like "beegar" (burger), "bookies" (cookies) and "blorf" (barf)... 

 ... and the next he's tall and lanky and handsome and too smart for his own good.

The kids finished school the day before Jeremiah's birthday.  Probably a pretty good birthday present in itself!  I wish I could have gotten him outside (aside from taking birthday photos) to play with his brothers but he wanted to spend his day playing his favorite video games.  They are pretty restricted when it comes to video games, so this was a special treat for him.  At least he let Quentin pretend to play along with him!

Jeremiah really is turning into a cool kid.  Aside from having his mother's logical impatience and a bit of his dad's temper he gets some wonderful things from the two of us too.  He's creative and determined.  He can be kinda scrappy (in a good way... like a litigator).  He tries very hard to be fair... with the exception of video games... then it's every man for himself.  He is very caring.  He's so friggin' smart.  He's an excellent reader.  He is getting so good at playing the clarinet.  He can hold adult conversations with people pretty easily and is constantly impressing me.  I am very proud of the person he is growing into.

We went outside in our backyard to get some birthday photos.  Our backyard right now is a jungle of mosquitos.  He toughed it out like a champ!  He also knows how important these birthday photos are to his Momma!  

Jeremiah opted for a treasure hunt to find his birthday gifts (this has become awesomely famous in our house!).  One of his gifts found him a couple weeks early when he received a pair of Vibram shoes.  He got to show them off at school, and was excited to have something different than everyone else.  On his birthday, some of the other gifts he found were the Divergent book series along with a Divergent movie scenes book, a Call of Duty mega blocks set and a Skyrim video game.

He requested chili for dinner and then we topped off his celebration with home made Nerds Blizzards!  Who doesn't love a good Nerds Blizzard?

I truly hope Jeremiah had a special day; he definitely deserved it!  I hope he knows how proud of him his Mom and Dad are!!  Two more years until we have another teenager on our hands!!  AHHHHH!!!

My next June baby is my little Lady Bug.  Our beautiful baby girl born June 20th, 2013.

Wow, what a year it has been.  

Her life started with a 77 day stay at the hospital.  It was draining, it was hard, it was sad.  I watched my baby girl undergo two surgeries and many different procedures during her stay.  We had a ton of support from friends and family along the way, which helped us all stay super strong.  Mallory stayed tough through all of it though and with the creation of her Facebook page, Mallory's Way, began to inspire others with her strength.  Including me.

Once she finally made it home to us the feeling of our family finally being complete was overwhelming.  Although we knew we had a long journey ahead, she was with us.  She was sleeping in her bed.  We were deciding what times would be her feeding times and when we would do her cares and give her baths.  It felt so good.

Since then, we've spent time doing all sorts of things.  She's been to our family's cabin in Minocqua to celebrate her first Fakesgiving (it's like a rite of passage).  She celebrated her first Christmas.  She's had her first trip to the zoo.  We went to the pumpkin patch for Halloween and she got to watch her brothers trick-or-treat.  We've moved into a new house.  She's learned all about the guitar.  She's even showed us how acrobatic she can be.  Of course, she's also made a few cameos back at Children's.  Only once due to illness, everything else due to clinic appointments or surgeries.  I think we've done our best to give her the best first year possible!

She has just grown so much.  She's so different than she was, as most one year olds tend to be.  She likes to be a jokester, hiding behind toys to play peek-a-boo.  She likes to show us her dance moves.  She's picky about her food, as in HATES anything that is a green vegetable.  She loves to play with  her feet.  She closes her eyes and scrunches up her face when she wants to be goofy.  She makes little noises to get our attention.  She's such a beautiful little baby girl!  I can't wait to see what the next year brings for her and for all of us as a family!  

I took a few first birthday photos of her on different days.  I had a session with her before her syndactyly release surgery and a session after.  

For her birthday, we celebrated with an ice cream cake and she absolutely loved it!  She loved the candle a whole heck of a lot too!

To close out this lengthy but awesomely photo packed blog, I wanted to post Mallory's 4th of July picture for this year.  Last 4th of July she was still in the hospital.  This year, I hope we can take her to see her first fireworks!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Castle Broz

Once upon a time, at about midnight, a beautiful princess decided "yo, Mom, I don't care to sleep!".  Despite the Mom's many efforts, the princess just wanted to cry and be angry.  So, the Mom decided to drug her with some Roxicet in hopes of a more peaceful evening.  The beautiful princess must have known of her Mom's plan though and did her best to stay awake.  At least for another hour.

At the same time, the near deaf prince decided that his bed must be too prickly.  The couch would be a much better fit.  Sleeping was not in his plan either though.  His sister princess and he must have been plotting together.  For if the Mom doesn't sleep, she will spend extra time with them.

How wrong they were though.  The Mom would get up and pacify the princess... with a... pacifier and then she would try to put her prince back in his own bed.  After so much of this the Mom decided that letting them work it out on their own would be a much better plan.  So she went forth with it.  The prince was allowed on the couch with a blanket and the princess was allowed to "cry it out a little".  Finally, the two siblings found themselves sleeping at last.

Come morn' the other princes of the castle arose.  Once they went off to their place of education, the Mom found they did not put away the royal peanut butter or bread and left a royal mess.  A royal pain in the ass.  

The Mom called the Dad and said, "what the hell, man?".  The Dad tried to reassure the Mom that the royal children weren't doing it on purpose but the Mom didn't care.  The Mom didn't have a lamp to rub so she rubbed her royal 16.9 fl oz of Coca Cola and begged for some patience.  Too bad the genie was off today.

Once the near deaf prince and princess were fed, the Mom made some eggs.  The highlight of her day.  Perfectly cooked with just a smidgen of salt and pepper and glass of pineapple/orange/banana juice. Then the Mom tried to put the princess down for a royal mid-day slumber.  At first the princess agreed that a sleep would be most lovely, but once the Mom got in her noon time shower, she decided that it was a waste of her royal time.  The Mom's shower ended up being quick and stressful instead.  But the Mom tried to whistle a happy tune and move along.

By this time it was near time for the princess to eat again.  She was up and demanding a meal.  The Mom obliged.  The princess downed all of her sweet potatoes and corn with the finesse of a Tyrannosaurus on a lamb.  She snuffed the commoner's cow's milk, however.  The Mom decided to send the cow's milk through the princess's special tubey.  The princess was infuriated by this decision.  So she decided to let the Mom have it.  She game the Mom every lick of sweet potatoes and corn and commoner's cow's milk right back.  The Mom cried and cried because she just wanted her princess to eat.  Then the Mom had an epiphany.  "If you shall bathe your princess and change her royal bed sheets, you should fully expect a royal vomit."  Two things the Mom had done that very morning.  Duh.

The Mom then decided to grab a blanket and crawl under it for about an hour alone.  When she resurfaced, she smelled a smell so unholy that even God probably wouldn't forgive it.  The near deaf prince had unloaded in his royal jeans.  It was everywhere.  Poo.  The Mom cleaned him up and then went to rinse his royal poopified jeans when a small circle turd fell right out.  There was nothing cute or royal about it.  The Mom wiped her weepy, forlorn eyes for about the tenth time and cleaned up the small turd and the royal jeans.

The Dad came home from work and tried to help the Mom calm down a bit.  The Mom decided to leave instead to pick up a treadmill she would be receiving from a friend.  The Mom knows she needs to lose the spare tire around her waste.  Upon leaving the castle, however, she found the local roads closed down.  She had to think fast and find a way around.  Nothing was going to stop her from her spare tire reducing device.  It took the Mom a few extra minutes, but she found her way there.  She picked up her treadmill and quickly returned to the castle where all of the other princes were enjoying their evening supper.  The princess then decided to vomit up her dinner.  The other princes decided that loud was the new quiet and the near deaf prince wanted to just eat shredded cheese.  The Mom rolled her eyes and cracked open a royal beer. 

The Mom had a long, sleepless night and an interesting, messy day but is hoping that tomorrow will be a more Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mudderella, Hell Ya!

I did it, I did it, I did it, yeah!  (Channeling some Dora the Explorer there.)  It truly wasn't a pretty picture whatsoever, but I crossed that damned finish line.

This blog is also like a week and half late, but much like my finish line crossing, better late than never!

I'm so glad I had such an awesome group of girls to support me too.  If not for them, I probably would have curled up in a ball and tucked and rolled down a hill.  My fear going into this was strong, like the force with Luke Skywalker.  (Yes, I just made a Star Wars reference - AND???)

Still, I put my game face on and did the pre-race cardio (which nearly killed me before the race even started) and took off with my crew at the starting line.

My goal was to reach the first obstacle with out walking.  Yea.  I'm a dumbass.  You can't not train at all... ever... and expect to run like Forest Gump.  I had to stop.  In fact... I stopped a lot.  If this had been a contest to see who could stop running the most, I definitely would have come in first.

I guess I should work on that.  But... no use crying about it now, right?

So, what did I learn?  I've discovered that mud is pretty fun.  I can understand why pigs like to play in it all day long.  Not that I want to be a pig, but seriously, they're allowed to stink and roll in mud.  Two thumbs up.  The first obstacle demanded that we start off right and crawl in the mud right away.  It was awesome.

I'm not going to go obstacle to obstacle here, but in a nutshell there was a couple walls to climb, some muddy water to wade through, some trench we had to yoga pose over, water slides, underground holes, big huge tires and running... and running... and oh yea - more running.  

In talking about things I learned, I found that I totally dislike running.  At least right now I do.  I think I could like it if I actually tried doing it once in a while.  I used to be pretty friggin' athletic.  In my childhood and teen years, I would play basketball a lot among other sports.  I loved it.  I also learned that I still have a lot of strength in me.  The obstacles were so much fun.  I could do that stuff over and over and over again.  Well, some of it anyway.  I don't ever want to be a human wheelbarrow again.  And I'd like to personally thank my sister in law, Kate, for letting me be the recipient of the piggy back ride for that entire obstacle, even though we were supposed to switch half way through.  I am curious to know if I could have carried her... but I won't beat myself up over it.  She rocked it out!

I learned that I have awesome kids.  They made signs for our team and at each of the obstacles that spectators could get to, they were there, waving their signs and cheering for us.  It was a lot of walking for those kiddos but they did it anyway!  I also have an awesome husband who not only took a bajillion photos for us but carted the boys around and got up at the crack of dawn with us to get us to the race on time!

Mudderella was an awesome experience.  It didn't go quite the way I wanted it to.  I would have liked to have been in better shape, but it showed me that I can do these things.  I can push myself a little bit harder and reach any goal I want.  Not trying to sound cheesy but it was very empowering and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

A special thanks out to my girls, the members of Team BAM... Kate, Katie and Chrissy... thanks for helping me get through this!  I never would have if it weren't for all of your encouragement and pushing!  I'm also sorry for all of the whining.  I was definitely fully aware of how whiny I was being about the running, so I thank the three of you for not kicking my ass into a pile of mud!  Love you Ladies!!  It's because of all of you that I crossed that finish line!

Until next year!