Monday, June 23, 2014

Eleven to One, My June Babies!

On June 12th, 2003, we welcomed a five and a half pound bouncing baby boy into the world.  On June 12th, 2014 we celebrated his 11th birthday.  (He really loved that balloon by the way... he wouldn't let anyone else play with it!)

It's amazing to me how fast time actually does go.  One minute, he's falling asleep on my chest... or being mesmerized by 'The Blues Brothers'... or creating words that have stuck with us to this day like "beegar" (burger), "bookies" (cookies) and "blorf" (barf)... 

 ... and the next he's tall and lanky and handsome and too smart for his own good.

The kids finished school the day before Jeremiah's birthday.  Probably a pretty good birthday present in itself!  I wish I could have gotten him outside (aside from taking birthday photos) to play with his brothers but he wanted to spend his day playing his favorite video games.  They are pretty restricted when it comes to video games, so this was a special treat for him.  At least he let Quentin pretend to play along with him!

Jeremiah really is turning into a cool kid.  Aside from having his mother's logical impatience and a bit of his dad's temper he gets some wonderful things from the two of us too.  He's creative and determined.  He can be kinda scrappy (in a good way... like a litigator).  He tries very hard to be fair... with the exception of video games... then it's every man for himself.  He is very caring.  He's so friggin' smart.  He's an excellent reader.  He is getting so good at playing the clarinet.  He can hold adult conversations with people pretty easily and is constantly impressing me.  I am very proud of the person he is growing into.

We went outside in our backyard to get some birthday photos.  Our backyard right now is a jungle of mosquitos.  He toughed it out like a champ!  He also knows how important these birthday photos are to his Momma!  

Jeremiah opted for a treasure hunt to find his birthday gifts (this has become awesomely famous in our house!).  One of his gifts found him a couple weeks early when he received a pair of Vibram shoes.  He got to show them off at school, and was excited to have something different than everyone else.  On his birthday, some of the other gifts he found were the Divergent book series along with a Divergent movie scenes book, a Call of Duty mega blocks set and a Skyrim video game.

He requested chili for dinner and then we topped off his celebration with home made Nerds Blizzards!  Who doesn't love a good Nerds Blizzard?

I truly hope Jeremiah had a special day; he definitely deserved it!  I hope he knows how proud of him his Mom and Dad are!!  Two more years until we have another teenager on our hands!!  AHHHHH!!!

My next June baby is my little Lady Bug.  Our beautiful baby girl born June 20th, 2013.

Wow, what a year it has been.  

Her life started with a 77 day stay at the hospital.  It was draining, it was hard, it was sad.  I watched my baby girl undergo two surgeries and many different procedures during her stay.  We had a ton of support from friends and family along the way, which helped us all stay super strong.  Mallory stayed tough through all of it though and with the creation of her Facebook page, Mallory's Way, began to inspire others with her strength.  Including me.

Once she finally made it home to us the feeling of our family finally being complete was overwhelming.  Although we knew we had a long journey ahead, she was with us.  She was sleeping in her bed.  We were deciding what times would be her feeding times and when we would do her cares and give her baths.  It felt so good.

Since then, we've spent time doing all sorts of things.  She's been to our family's cabin in Minocqua to celebrate her first Fakesgiving (it's like a rite of passage).  She celebrated her first Christmas.  She's had her first trip to the zoo.  We went to the pumpkin patch for Halloween and she got to watch her brothers trick-or-treat.  We've moved into a new house.  She's learned all about the guitar.  She's even showed us how acrobatic she can be.  Of course, she's also made a few cameos back at Children's.  Only once due to illness, everything else due to clinic appointments or surgeries.  I think we've done our best to give her the best first year possible!

She has just grown so much.  She's so different than she was, as most one year olds tend to be.  She likes to be a jokester, hiding behind toys to play peek-a-boo.  She likes to show us her dance moves.  She's picky about her food, as in HATES anything that is a green vegetable.  She loves to play with  her feet.  She closes her eyes and scrunches up her face when she wants to be goofy.  She makes little noises to get our attention.  She's such a beautiful little baby girl!  I can't wait to see what the next year brings for her and for all of us as a family!  

I took a few first birthday photos of her on different days.  I had a session with her before her syndactyly release surgery and a session after.  

For her birthday, we celebrated with an ice cream cake and she absolutely loved it!  She loved the candle a whole heck of a lot too!

To close out this lengthy but awesomely photo packed blog, I wanted to post Mallory's 4th of July picture for this year.  Last 4th of July she was still in the hospital.  This year, I hope we can take her to see her first fireworks!

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Cathy, I love reading your blogs... so much love in them. It's actually inspiring me to start one of my own... it's tough being a mommy to so many little ones that are so close in age, but you inspire me. Thank you!