Saturday, August 9, 2014

Channeling the Inner Nerd...

I was recently presented with a project, for family purposes, to select a movie and take photos of our family representing that movie somehow.  

I didn't even hesitate when I heard about this... I knew exactly what we were going to do.  The Lego Movie.  Hands down.  I figured each one of the eight of us could have a Lego character that represented us somehow.  Instead of taking pictures of ourselves, we'd just take pictures of our Lego Mechs instead.  (Keeps me on the correct side of the camera too!)

This got delayed for a little bit, but I finally said that we needed to make this happen!  So we pulled out my husband's mile long Lego stash and dug in!

I had a few failed attempts to get the photos I wanted once everything was all completed, but finally came up with this new plan and I think it came out well.  So, I'll introduce each one of us in Lego Mech form!

First up is Frank!  Frank has loved the old school space Legos since he was a little kid.  They hold a special place in his heart, filled with memories and fun.  When The Lego Movie came out and Lego started putting out sets from the movie, the one set he wanted the most was Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!  In fact, he wanted two of them so he could form his own fleet.  Two he got... one for Father's Day and one for his birthday which are usually days from each other.  When he sat down to build his mech, he used inspiration from Benny's ship (and it's pieces) and put together this cool robot!

Then there's me... the Mom.  I had no clue what I was going to do.  It took me a lot of time to make sense out of what I wanted.  Then Frank told me that the coolest thing about a mech is all of the cool intricate things about it.  Intricate details... I can do that.  I rummaged through old sets and some new sets and picked out pieces that stood out to me or I felt represented me in some way.  I've got these long arms, one with a magnifying glass so I can watch my mini mechs ever so closely.  A door with an open sign... but notice the grappling hook that goes through it.  Necessary for reeling those kids back in.  There's a short order menu (all mom's probably get this reference), a little radar (to help with those eyes in the back of my head), a broom (because I always have to do it twice) and a pizza (one of my favorite meals to make my kids).  Then you'll find some sillier things that I love a lot... like the flux capacitor (we all want to time travel once in a while), the OUTATIME license plate, a copy of the Daily Prophet and OF COURSE I'm holding a camera.  The big scroll of paper you see is ten rules.  Not in every day land... but Lego world rules.

In case they are hard to read, here they are... (the kids got a huge kick out of them!)

1.  No missiles after 6pm!

2.  No sword fighting before breakfast.

3.  No one travels to space alone - EVER!

4.  If you don't do your chores No New Building!

5.  Always leave the house with pants on. --- ** (oddly enough this situation presented itself in every day land this morning when I asked one of the boys to take out the recycling... and he wasn't yet wearing pants.)

6.  No biting.

7.  No slurping.

8.  Never sing "Everything is Awesome".

9.  No throwing chicken legs.

10.  Be HAPPY!!

Fun Stuff!

Next up is my oldest son, Tyler.  He's a more simple fellow.  He built his mech pretty quickly.  He said it was the color of his shoes and that he wasn't too creative.  I think he's very creative and I think his mech does say something about him.  He really is the type to keep things simple.  He's laid back but direct.  He's a teenager, what can I say?

Jeremiah chose to make his mech a symbol from a video game.  His favorite video game, Skyrim.  His mech represents the Imperial emblem of the good guys in the game.  I know absolutely nothing about this.  Nothing.  But he put his Lego character on top of it, so it makes me happy that Jeremiah wanted to be a good guy!  Oh, and yes... he did choose his own name.  If you know him at all, you know it fits.

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.  He's had his mech built for quite sometime now.  It was probably the most complex of the group.  (Although I fractured it's hip a few times moving it around.)  I asked him what his inspiration for it was and he said, "Dad.".  I almost teared up a bit.  I asked him why and he said that Dad told him that he had all the right pieces to make a good mech.  Andrew continued on to explain that because he had the structural pieces to hold it all together, it was easy.  Future architect maybe?  I've got awesome kids!

Nicholas was channeling his inner He-Man.  He chose Duplos to start off his mech.  He built Castle Grayskull full with drawbridge.  I think he spent the most time trying to figure out his He-Man sword, most of a morning actually, and probably more time than he spent on anything else.  I thought it turned out pretty awesome!  Then he found a random monkey in one of the Lego bins and wanted that as a pet, so, yes, there's a monkey on top of Castle Grayskull.  Why not, right?

I built Quentin's mech.  I really didn't know where to start.  Kind of like my own.  But I found the remnants of this old bus from years ago and thought that was a good place to start.  It is a yellow bus, which reminded me of a school bus.  Sending him to school has been such a new experience for us.  I just built up from there.  I added this hanging ladder and attached his Lego guy to it.  Because that's what I'd imagine him doing.  He's a daring kid.  He'd be dangling from a ladder with confidence, fighting evil.  I put a boat on the back of his bus, because he can say 'boat' and likes them a lot.  I also put a spider web with a spider in it on the boat.  I just love the way that kid says 'bug'.  What I built for him reminded me of the craziness that is Quentin.  Kind of all over the place, but sharp as a tack.  Chaotic but methodical.  That's Quentin.  Oh, and I chose a Lego shirt for him that had a truck on it.  Just loved that I found something that looked like something he'd actually wear!

Last, but most certainly not least, is Miss Mallory.  Andrew and Jeremiah actually started building her mech first.  They wanted to make it into this cool racing type of high chair.  Which is why her character is wearing a helmet.  Gotta protect that noggin' right?!  I added a few girly touches to it and a little more stability.  The wheels they had put on wouldn't stay straight, so I added some airplane landing gear in the middle.  I also added Dumbledore's stair case to help her get right on up there and of course Hedwig sits next to her... the angel on her shoulder.  I think she's ready for some high speed action!

Because I am a photographer, I decided we needed a family photo.  One with out our mechs and one with.  I used some of my best skills and posing on this one.  I think it shows proud parents and happy kids in front of a beautiful fountain.  Right?  Well, everyone except maybe Adam Man.  He's a little serious.  Totally Facebook timeline cover worthy though.  Totally.

I don't know what happened with this photo.  I think I must have channeled Unikitty here.  But we're all happy in our mechs, with rainbows and flowers and hearts.  Oh happy day!

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