Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Long Weekend, A Cabin and a Birthday...

I waited all summer to finally have a getaway with my husband and kids.  Why do it early when you can wait until the last weekend right before school starts, right?  In fact, we came home yesterday and  most of the kids started school today.  I wouldn't have had it any other way though.  It was a long, holiday weekend and Sunday was also my birthday.  A great way to wrap up year 33 and move into year 34!  Not to mention, I was pretty proactive and tried to have most everything done before we left so that when we came home I wouldn't have much back to school prep work to do.  If only I could teach my boys to be just as type A.... ideas?

Friday morning, we were out the door by 8:10am.  My goal was to leave at 8am, so I was pretty friggin' happy with our timing!  Frank and I left with Quentin, Mallory, Nicholas and Jeremiah in tow while Tyler and Andrew hung back at the house to ride up with Grandpa B.  I actually drove a large majority of the five hour drive, minus maybe an hour for eating a McDonald's big breakfast and a short nap.  When we got there though and walked down that pier it was so wonderful.  We set Mallory down and she was laughing and happy and everyone was immediately relaxed.

 Most of the trip was pretty dismal weather wise.  Lots of rain and chilly temps.  The kids found ways to occupy themselves with costumes and toys  while the adults occupied themselves with... well.. beer.  Just kidding.  Well... almost.  Mallory occupied her time charming the pants off of everyone!

We found what I think will be Mallory's Christmas present though, haha.  She LOVED this little toy!

Quentin learned a new game too, Grandpa B taught him how to play 'Slap Jack'!  It was fun watching him wait for the Jack to come up and say "nooooo...." in between to the cards he knew weren't the right ones.  Not to mention, it was some great Grandpa & Quentin bonding time!

By Sunday (my birthday), everyone was just itching for the sun to come out.  We all watched the weather like hawks and looked up waiting for the clouds to break up.  The kids did some kayaking and fishing and dangling their feet in the water.

The boys got to head to The Bucket to do some fishing and Tyler got to put some miles on his boat at the same time.  Tyler and Jeremiah had a little swimming race.  Which wasn't really much of a race since they could both touch the bottom.  Height defeated all.  I gave Quentin a chance to really test out his life jacket too by swinging him around in the water with out his feet on the ground.  I'm so glad he loved it!  He started shivering a bit once outside the water, but thankfully had his 'Firecan' towel to keep him warm! (Firecan is how Quentin says Spiderman.. for those not yet up to speed!)

It was warming up though and finally we all became brave enough to get in the water ourselves.  There is no photographic evidence of this (I don't think anyway) but the crazy fun started with a game of American Gladiators.  We had those foam noodles and tried to knock each other off the raft that sits a little away from the pier (held down by a kitchen sink.. no joke).  The participants were myself (AKA: The Terrifier), my sister in laws Emma (AKA: Emmakazi) and Nora (AKA: The Diaper Lady... I'll explain later), Emma's boyfriend, Adam (AKA: Head Shot) and my son, Tyler (AKA: Frog Jump).  Let me tell you, foam noodles do no damage.  It's like a really bad girl fight.  But, it was good for laughs and lots of fun!

So, what was 'The Diaper Lady' thing all about?  Well, Frank had mentioned seeing something on the internet somewhere (of course... isn't that where all awesome ideas are born?) that if you flipped your life vest upside down and kind of sit on it you could just bob in the water in a relaxing way.  Nora decided this was worth investigating.  So she flipped it upside down and became the poster girl for wearing the life vest diaper.  Then my kids joined in.  Then this happened.

I can't look at these photos with out laughing!

So, that happened, haha.  Then Quentin kissed a fish.  Grandpa B actually caught it, but let Quentin try to reel it in.  He was so excited!

All of this was before lunch time on my birthday.  After lunch, we finally saw some sun light.  I also got bit by a shark.

Then it was time for some water sports!

I got to knee board, which was totally awesome.  I was terrified, like pee my pants scared, but I was able to get up on the board and stay up for a good amount of time.


There was also some tree climbing... of a 75 foot tree.  I think Adam helped kick our motherly instincts into gear.  I wanted to yell, "you get down from that tree right now, young man!".  But, he's a big boy and he apparently knows how to climb himself a tree!  He's the red head in the center of the tree there.. and he made it pretty much to the top!

My birthday wrapped itself up with a BEAUTIFUL sunset, a selfie with my hubby, a campfire and a selfie of as much of our group as we could get in the photo!

I had a great birthday and a great weekend!  Thank you, Uncle Jack and Aunt Marilou for letting us come up and stay!

Oh, and I wanted to send a special thank you to Emma for the wonderful birthday eggs!  She remembered how I liked them and made them special for me!

And thanks to friggin' everyone who came up... Frank, Tyler, Jeremiah, Andrew, Nicholas, Quentin, Mallory, Dad B, Uncle Jack, Aunt Marilou, Nora, Emma and Adam... it was a really fun trip!!

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