Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It seems like every time I turn around I see another photo of a naked or partially naked Kardashian.  They are everywhere.  Their voices.  Their drama.  Their marriages.  Their divorces.  And of course, their nakedness.

I mean, to each their own.  If you want to pose nude, by all means, pose nude.  If you want the world to see it, that's fine I suppose if you're all good with it.  But let's not call it what it isn't.  Kim Kardashian's nude "break the internet" photos didn't shout "empowering, strong woman" to me.  It shouted "desperate for attention".  It just didn't look classy or cool.  Not at all.

Yet the world eats this stuff up.  Then, Kourtney had to pose nude too.  Baby belly and all.  Most of the photos where... o...k... ish..... but the one with blurred out nipples?  Now, that is one classy photo.  One I'd definitely order a full size canvas of to hang on the wall.

C'mon.  Is this what we should allow women to represent?  Mothers?  Wives?  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate sexuality and feeling sexy as a woman, as a wife and as a mother, but I also appreciate being a good role model.  I appreciate and take seriously my role as a Mom to my six children.  I appreciate what Moms do every single day, working or stay at home, single or married. We juggle a lot.  Every day.  A Mother's job is not an easy one.

We don't all have the good fortune to have nannies or chauffeurs.  We aren't all lucky enough to have make up artists come to our houses to make us look awesome in the mornings or personal shoppers to keep us up to date with all of the latest trends.  Most of us Moms... in the real world... are lucky to get a shower in every couple days.  Are lucky to eat 3 meals a day.  Heck, lucky if they eat 2 meals a day.  Are lucky if we can buy ourselves a new shirt every 6 months or wear anything other than yoga pants through out a normal week.  I know I just don't have the time on most days to make myself look like a thousand bucks.  I'm lucky if I look like a buck fifty.

Life is hectic day in and day out.  For me in particular, I juggle six kids, two children with special needs, doctors appointments, homework, meal planning, laundry, cleaning, fighting boys, toys all over the place, dishes, chores, sleep, naps, diapers, basketball practice, school plays, potty training, parent teacher conferences, tech support (for all the friggin' gadgets around here), a traveling husband, bills and so on and so on and so on.  And I don't need an award for it.  Or special recognition.  It's my job as a parent.  As my children's mother.  I know there are many out there just like me and I don't want to see Kim Kardashian's butt in my face, balancing a wine glass like that's some sort of great accomplishment in her life.  She should be using her status to lift up women as wives and mothers.  Not her ass to lift up her wine glass.

So, since she didn't do it, I decided to give it a go.  It's no magazine worthy photo.  There's no wine glass balancing on my rear end (although there could be one off to the side waiting until the kids go to bed!).  I didn't photoshop my body to look like something it isn't.  It's just me.  With my kids.  My every day life.  My oldest son, my 16 year old, isn't in the photo.  Why?  Because he was the photographer but every bit as important.  We all help each other in our house.  Even by taking crazy photos for a Mom that hopes to prove a point.  Even a small point.

I have special kids.  All of them.  They have a baby sister with an appearance and health altering disorder and they have been the best big brothers a person could ask for.  They all have their own awesome personalities and quirks.  They all help to keep our home, our own little world moving.  It's crazy, but it's our crazy.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!

What should we be breaking the internet with?  Photos of all of us.  Real women.  Real people.  Doing real things.  For our husbands.  For our children.  For our families.  For our every day lives.

I have a challenge for every person that might stumble across this blog.  I challenge you to post a photo (not here.. or here if you want to...but on FB or Twitter.. whichever social media you like) that represents your life and what's most important and good.  That empowers you.  You don't even have to be a parent to participate!  There are too many good deeds in this world, too many good, every day people that go unnoticed and we should make ourselves noticed!

Post a photo and challenge others to do the same!  Let's take the world back!  Let's show everyone what real really is!  You can challenge one person or a hundred!  Let's get something worth while to trend!

Here's my photo!


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Good words! And I love your picture!