Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Dream Team!

Last year, close to this time, I wrote a blog called 'This is How it Really Goes".  It was about how difficult of a time I have taking photos of my own children.  Today, I attempted another Christmas card photo and I really don't think much has changed.  So I'm again sharing a collection of outtakes which I've entitled, 'My Dream Team'!

I wasn't going to do Christmas photos this year.  I knew I needed to shop for clothes for my boys.  My daughter had been in a cast from recent surgery and time was just running out.  Then I changed my mind and figured that even if I didn't send out cards, I should at least have a Christmas photo for us all to look back on.

My vision for this year rotated around my daughter's dress.  I purchased the dress a couple months prior but it was the cutest little dress.  I knew her Daddy would love it and I could easily coordinate clothing for her big brothers.  Whites, blacks and greys.  Simple.  I thought about all of the back drops I have and decided that I wanted to use this red back drop with white polka dots.  I thought everyone would stand out nicely.  Yea, it kinda worked.

This was my first shot.

I don't even know what to say.  I think my son, Jeremiah, all the way to the right there, thinks that if he looks sad enough I won't make him partake in family photos.  And perhaps he's wondering why I'm making him barely help hold the sign.  Hey, they all stand out nicely though, don't they?

Then came this one.

Mallory wanted no part in this.  None.  And I could hear her swearing at me... "Damn it, Mom, why do you constantly feel the need to put bows in my hair!".  Quentin (the little dude holding the sign), looks like I feel.  Like that sign should say, "Merry Christmas ya' filthy animal... and a Happy New Year!".

With six kids, you're bound to have blinkers in photos.  They most definitely always come in twos.  Like Noah's animals.

Then I get spoiled with one I might actually be able to use!!!! (I can't kid myself though, I still had to swap a head.)

Then, Jeremiah made this weird face.

And Quentin did that.

Then Nicholas.  He was the star of my last Christmas photo blog.  I wonder why?

I think they're all out to get me.  Aside from maybe Andrew (all the way to the left) and Tyler (holding Mallory).  What the hell, Jeremiah?  I swear I didn't give him any drugs.

Okay, so this next photo I think speaks to me the most.  I mean, it really tells a story.  I don't think I've come across a photo that said so much in fact.  Have you?  I mean, the look on Mallory's face says everything.  I think she's saying, "Mom, if you don't put that damn camera down right now, I'm gonna shove it where the sun don't shine!".  Yep, good times.  Good times.

I didn't put the camera down as the diva requested.  So she treats me like the friggin' paparazzi and puts her hands up.  Nick gives everyone the warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and New Year though.

This next one is... o.. k.. but Mallory seems to be telling me I'd better hurry before she covers her face again.

After that, focusing on the children stopped being important.  The sign became the center piece.  Don't the all look so happy about it?

After that I was done.  I felt frustrated because I didn't get the photos I had hoped for.  Once again, my vision was greater than reality.  AND it was dinner time.  My husband saw my distress and suggested that we sit down for dinner and then give it another shot.  I had already cleaned up everything and wasn't too keen on setting up another shoot, but during dinner I had a new vision.  A new backdrop.  A new idea.  The kids would pretty much do the same thing... but they'd be doing it on a much cooler vision.

Yep.  Much cooler.

Hey, the results were... kinda better....

But then Nicholas forgot he was assigned to hold the sign.  Brought the photo down a bit.

Then he seemed to want to sing a song.  Which would have been cool if it was a Christmas carol.  "It's going down, I'm yelling Timber" wasn't really appropriate.  (Totally kidding... fill in any song you like.)

Pssshhhhh... fill in any song you like, but then Andrew will give you those weird eyes.

This was my favorite.  The nose pick.  Right up in there, Quentin, good job.  Nick looks very uncomfortable with this....

.... which forced him to break out into song again.  "And I... I... I... eee... I.... will always love you!"  Mallory clapped for him.

I did manage to get a photo I liked a lot though.  Of course, it did entail a head swap.  I won't tell you which one.

Moral of the story?  It's never easy to get photos of kids!  They are spontaneous.  They are unpredictable!  That's what makes it fun though!  The outtakes are sometimes better than that perfect photo!

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