Saturday, October 3, 2015

Go Greased Lightning

I get whims.  Lots of them.  I'd say about 80% of said whims go in the brain on one side and then make their exits at super speeds out the other side.  Just so that I don't actually act on any of them.  Which is probably a good thing.  If I acted on all of them all the time I'd most likely bankrupt my family.  I might be locked up in a looney bin.  Who knows.  So it's a definitely a good thing I forget them.  A few do just happen to stick with me though.

Last year, and I really have no idea why, I had this thought to dress my kids up in Grease attire.  I wanted my boys to wear T-Birds jackets and for my daughter to be a Pink Lady.  I just thought it would be cute.  And fun.  And totally friggin' awesome!  For me of course, not for them.  They'll resent me.. or loathe me forever.  Care, I do not however, because I've always loved the movie and I just wanted to do it!

So I Googled something along the lines of "grease costumes for kids".  Up popped a shop that happened to make some things for kids and everything was so cute!  I was so on board with this idea that my brain was moving a million miles a minute trying to figure out how I wanted to do it.  Visions of Sandy, Danny, Kenickie, Sonny and Doody dancing at a carnival singing "We Go Together" danced through my head.  Hand jiving was haunting my dreams.  Okay, so that's totally not true, but you get the point.  Unfortunately, some things came up and we weren't able to make the purchases necessary.  I'm not gonna lie... I was pretty sad.  After some serious therapy (totally kidding... well maybe partially kidding... is ice cream and beer therapy??)... I was finally able to move on.  The idea lived on in my head though.

Fast forward to this year, September.  We had gotten a magazine in the mail loaded with Halloween costumes.  I decided to page through it to get ideas for the kids.  At a turn of the page, I saw it.  In all it's Summer Nightin' & Greased Lightning glory.  The costumes.  There were T-Birds and Pink Ladies a plenty.  I couldn't just let it go this time!  It was fate!  Those costumes were going to be mine.. oh yes.. they were.  My brain had been doing a happy dance every day in anticipation of the arrival of these costumes.  They finally got here on Thursday.  It took a lot to wait until today... a Saturday... to bust them open and get them on the kids.

I'll tell you.  IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!  I love these photos.  I will cherish them forever and ever and ever.  I will make the boys' girlfriends use these photos at their weddings.  There is a canvas in my future.. I'm sure of it!

So, with out further ado...

I'm Hopelessly Devoted to these pictures!!


Peony Tree Photography @ The Garden Gate said...

Love it Cathy! Great idea and beautiful memories pics!

Yvonne said...

Way, way too cute!!